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Hometype 2

Hometype provides keyboard manipulation for Hackers.

This is an extension to operate Google Chrome
without touching a mouse.

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Hometype ver2.0. More comfortable experience for you.

You can do following with only the keyboard using this extension.

Moving Form Searching Selecting
Scroll Focusing Bookmarks Select texts in the page
Follow a link Select a value in a select box Histories Select the code snippet
Back and forward in the history   Closed tabs  


Hometype has like vim's modes. All modes can be switched with keyboard manipulation.

Key bindings

Default key bindings in the normal mode is follow:

Key bind Operation
j or C-e Scroll down
k or C-y Scroll up
C-d Page half down
C-u Page half up
C-f Page down
C-b Page up
gg Scroll to the top of the page
G Scroll to the bottom of the page
yy Copy the url of the current tab to the clipboard
H Back to the history
L Forward to the history
x Close the current tab
C-p Move to the previous tab
C-n Move to the next tab
I Focus to an element appears first on the display
A Focus to an element appears last on the display
Key bind Operation
P Toggle pinned tab
u Reopen nearest closed tab
U Search recently closed tab
C-h Search histories in the current tab
b Search bookmarks and open it in the current tab
B Search bookmarks and open it in a new tab
m Search tabs and select it
o Search apps and launch it in a new tab
f Follow a link in the current tab
F Follow a link in a new tab
cf Follow a link continuous in the current tab
cF Follow a link continuous in a new tab
v Enter the visual mode to select a text
i or a Enter the insert mode
: Enter the command mode


Hometype is a open source project. This is developed by Balloonbros Team, but also supported by other active users. If you found a bug Hometype, please let us know them. Mail to or create a new issue on the Hometype repository in the github. We try to fix them as soon as possible. We will be very happy if you send a pull request about new function.